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Peptide manufacturers adhere to scientific and technological innovation research and development as the core of the enterprise

Publish date :2021.10.22

One idea is the interpretation of innovation, so we keep up with The Times, constantly updating technology;

There is an attitude, is the dedication to quality, so we focus on details, condensed quality;

There is a kind of scientific research, is the collision of technology and heart, so we focus on research and development, develop scientific research achievements.

As a strong enterprise focusing on small peptide research field, Taiaitai has always inherited the spirit of "life, scientific research".

Relying on scientific research and technology, it strengthens scientific research investment, attaches importance to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and pays attention to the training of scientific and technological personnel. A young, knowledgeable, passionate and innovative research and development team. The company has its own enzyme hydrolysis technology, its own single substance chain capture technology, whole substance chain extraction technology, and has mastered more than 280 scientific research achievements such as the core technology of small molecule peptidization extraction of herbaceous plants. And with many scientific research institutions, well-known hospitals, well-known universities and other in-depth cooperation, to the spirit of scientific research, interpretation of scientific research dream, Taiaitai twenty-four years of focus on research and development, with the passion of scientific research ignited the peptide industry technology development road, improve the quality of life, so that more people enjoy the beauty of health leading science and technology.