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New strategy, new starting point, new journey—Taiaitai Group landed in Heze Modern Pharmaceutical Port, and the Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony was a complete success!

Publish date :2021.11.29

On February 20th, the signing ceremony for the entrance project of Heze Modern Pharmaceutical Port was a complete success. Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Zhang Xinwen attended and delivered a speech. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Zhang Lun presided over the ceremony. Deputy Mayor Cao Shengling, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Heze Development Zone Li Guozhen, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Heze Development Zone , Lian Jianjun, Executive Deputy Director of the Management Committee, Liu Yong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee, Zhang Zhenni, Vice Chairman of Tai Ai Peptide Group, Qiao Wei, President of Marketing, and key heads of other investment companies attended the signing ceremony.


At the signing ceremony, Hao Pijin, Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and Director of the Municipal Modern Pharmaceutical Port Management Service Center introduced the relevant situation of the project in the park. A total of 4 projects were signed this time, all of which are biomedicine and health industry projects. As one of the four projects in the park, Qiao Wei, the marketing president of the Beijing Taiaitai group, formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Heze Modern Pharmaceutical Port on the spot. It marks the establishment of a solid strategic partnership between the two parties, which has laid a solid foundation for the sustained, healthy and rapid development of both parties in the strategic development layout.


It is reported that the contracted project involves health food, genetically recombined vaccines, nano-anti-cancer drugs, medical devices and other fields, with a total investment of 2.6 billion CNY. After reaching production, the annual main business income is expected to reach 6 billion CNY.


Zhang Xinwen, secretary of the Heze Municipal Party Committee, expressed his heartfelt congratulations to both parties in his speech, and expressed his gratitude to the entrepreneurs for choosing Heze and settled in Heze. He said, “In recent years, with the care of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the strong support of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, Heze has fully stimulated endogenous motivation, gave full play to its own advantages, and regarded biomedicine as the city’s core leading industry. A high-end biopharmaceutical industry cluster with 100 billion output value and tens of billions of tax revenue. Heze Modern Pharmaceutical Port will make every effort to provide the most accurate, high-quality and most efficient services. Let the project be implemented as soon as possible, and the enterprise will benefit the first time. This time The four signed projects have strong driving effects, good market prospects and great development potential. I believe they will effectively promote the development of the city's biomedical industry."

Zhang Lun, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Heze City, said: In the next step, we must always implement "As long as the project is built in the park, we will handle all the procedures." Flexible methods, more preferential policies, better services, and a more superior environment provide better services for entrepreneurs, attract more businessmen to Heze to invest and start businesses, achieve common development, and jointly create a brilliant tomorrow.


Zhang Zhenni, vice president of Beijing Taiaitai Group, said that in the development and growth of the Taiaitai Group, this signing is a new starting point for the development of the Taiaitai Group. He chose to build a factory in Heze because of the business in Heze. The environment is superior. This is the first step of the Group's strategic development in 2021. In addition, the founder and chairman of the group company are all entrepreneurs who came out of Heze and have deep hometown feelings. The tree is a thousand feet tall without forgetting its roots, and choosing to build a new factory of Taiaitai in Heze is also in line with the purpose of returning home and grateful to the society, and contributing its own strength to the development of the hometown.

As a technologically innovative enterprise, Taiaitai Group has been deeply involved in the health industry for 24 years. Relying on professional strength, become the leader of the industry. At present, Taiaitai Group has developed into a group company integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise in China's peptide industry and a comprehensive service provider for the global peptide industry. The business segment covers both domestic and overseas, and has been highly recognized by the industry and customers.

Twenty-four years of intensive cultivation and brilliant achievements, now that the original intention is not disappointed, set out on the journey again! With the successful signing of this contract, the group company will establish a new factory in Heze. Landing in Heze is a solid step taken by the chairman of the group in 2021 in planning the development strategy of the group. Riding on the east wind of Heze's development, seize the opportunity and strive to develop. The group company will also take this as a new opportunity to work hard with firm belief, strong strength, and full passion, and always commit to the development of the human health industry, with the mission of benefiting human health, to build a century-old health brand and help a healthy China!