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      Taiaitai Group adhere to scientific and technological innovation research and development as the core of the enterprise, over the years, on the basis of the group adhere to independent research and development, has maintained long-term cooperation with a number of national scientific research units at home and abroad and efficient. Eight small molecule peptide patent preparation and production technologies have been developed, four of which are national invention patents and four of which are national utility model patents. Taiaitai Group has an experienced, skilled R & D team, formed by the DOCTOR, master and industry senior experts r & D team, the number of R & D team has more than 60, with a number of biological science and technology master degree or above and engaged in the industry for more than eight years of elite team.

Peptides are absorbed by the human body and act as messengers in the human body

As a neurotransmitter, it transmits information, so that all systems, organs and tissues of the human body play their respective and overall roles.

Peptide - Peptide act as carriers

People usually eat nutrients, especially calcium and other beneficial trace elements, adsorption, paste, loading on the body.

Peptide - has a protective effect on amino acids

Small peptides protect amino acids from damage when absorbed by the body. Therefore, the mixture of peptide and amino acid is the best absorption mechanism for the body to absorb protein.

Peptide - actively absorbed by the body

It takes energy for the body to absorb any substance, but no energy is needed to absorb peptides, which force the body to absorb with their own energy. For those poor digestion ability, lack of nutrition, weak, sickly, has an important significance.

Peptide - 100 percent absorbed by the body

After absorption, there will be no excreta, all absorbed and used by the human body.

Peptide - absorbed in complete form

Peptide itself has a protective film, people take, will not be human digestive enzymes, pepsin damage or secondary hydrolysis, is a complete form of absorption and use by the human body.

Peptide - is preferentially absorbed by the body

People usually eat nutrients, in the absorption, and peptide competition, peptide has the characteristics of preferential absorption. This is inseparable from its active absorption characteristics.

Peptide - acts as a means of transport in the body

Can be people usually eat a variety of nutrients adsorbed on the body, and then transported to the body of each cell, organ, tissue, with the body is absorbed and used by the body, play their different functions. This is the reason why people in the world use polypeptide raw material intermediates as medicine and food formulations at present. Its purpose is to strengthen the efficacy and enhance the absorption rate.

Peptide - No digestion, direct absorption

Usually, polypeptides are made by the body itself, through enzymatic hydrolysis of the protein it eats. Peppin soybean protein peptide is a small molecule active peptide, which can be directly absorbed by human body without secondary degradation.