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Patented Technology

         Taiai Peptide has mastered a number of core technology patents in the peptide industry: full-material chain extraction technology, single-material capture technology, own enzymatic hydrolysis technology, and mastered the core technology of herbal small molecule peptide extraction technology.
ZL 2006 1 0150150.6

Production method of polypeptide with low salt content

ZL 2011 1 0449621.4

An extraction method of sea cucumber peptide

ZL 2014 1 0321669.0

The invention relates to a method for extracting small molecule active substance from sunflower dish

ZL 2012 2 0591262.6

The utility model relates to a plant small molecule extract preparation unit

ZL 2011 1 0449624.8

An extraction method of oyster peptide

ZL 2020 2 3111045.6

The utility model relates to a low salt polypeptide preparation unit

ZL 2020 2 3083281.1

The utility model relates to a magnetic stirring device for a high-pressure extraction tank

ZL 2020 2 3090180.7

The utility model relates to an automatic temperature control device for enzymatic hydrolysis tank

ZL 2020 2 3102606.6

The invention discloses an emulsifying device for extracting oyster polypeptides