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Big Shot gathered! The 2nd China Small Molecule Peptide Industry Development Forum was grandly held! Taiai Peptide made a strong appearance at the Expo~

Publish date :2021.11.29

This is an extraordinary day, witnessing the development and achievements of the peptide industry together, and also recording the highlight moment of Taiai Peptide.

This is a big day to get together, friends and relatives from all over the country gather in Beijing to meet Taiai Peptide.

This is a day to be grateful, thank you all for coming all the way.

Strength in the Field, Stunning Appearance

The most beautiful April day! In this spring when the flowers are blooming and the breeze is clear. Taiaitai Group made a strong appearance at the 18th Health Industry Spring Expo with ingenuity, bringing Taiaitai Collagen Peptide (classic blue barrel peptide), Sea cucumber & Ginseng Peptide, Sea Buckthorn Peptide, Yak Bone & Oyster Compound Peptide, Collagen Peptide ( Star products such as special diets were unveiled at the exhibition, and a new product, Bovine Bone Marrow Collagen Peptide Compound Peptide (special diet), was launched for the first time. In this exhibition that integrates brand promotion, product display, and investment cooperation, Taiai Peptide attracted many people to stop and learn about cooperation as soon as it appeared. The scene is crowded and bustling!




Industry Event · Talk about Comprehensive Health together

Establish the trend of the health industry and make a new voice in the era of science and technology. The 2nd China Small Molecule Peptide Industry Development Forum and the launching ceremony of the public welfare action of peptide science knowledge into the community was grandly held at 14:00 in the afternoon. Authoritative experts and talents from the big health industry from all over the country, well-known entrepreneurs, doctors from universities, etc. gathered together. Discussing the problems of the big health industry under the new situation, bringing ideas for industrial development and upgrading and technological innovation, disseminating new knowledge, new ideas and new achievements in the peptide industry, and consolidating forces for the construction of a "healthy China".


The guests attending the forum included Wu Xia, Chairman of Taiaitai Group, Li Ping, Vice Chairman of China Health Care Association, Guo Xinming, Founder of Dingli Consulting, Founder of National Tsing Hua University Platform, Tang Yi, Chairman of Chongqing Anshang Pinwu Technology Co., Ltd., Chinese Medicine and Clinical Medicine Ren Yandong, Double Doctor of Nutrition, Lu Tao, Associate Dean of the School of Life Sciences, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Yang Yanjun, Professor of the School of Food Science, Jiangnan University, Zhang Yang, Ph.D. in Cell Biology, Stanford University, Wu Fan, General Manager of National Medical Sciences, Sun Xuebing, Senior Engineer, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security , Qiao Wei, Marketing President of Taiai Peptide Group, Yang Mingguo, General Manager of Chongqing Zaihou Technology Co., Ltd., Song Xiaoling, Chairman of Beijing Zhongshi Jingling Culture Media Co., Ltd., Liu Haibin, Investor of Reignwood Group's Fusi (China) Beverage Sales Co., Ltd., Chongqing He Dongliang, general manager of Anshangpinwu Technology Co., Ltd., Chen Yunchao, deputy general manager of Chongqing Anshangpinwu Technology Co., Ltd., Xu Chenglong, director of the Marketing Committee of Shaanxi Dairy Safety Association, Li Jun, general manager of Hunan Hongrui Dadi Health Industry Co., Ltd., and Guizhou Yishanrui Health Wang Liming, general manager of Technology Co., Ltd., Xu Li, founder of Anhui Gushang Health Technology Co., Ltd., Zhou Guobing, chairman of Xiaoxian Group, Yu Dunfang, general manager of Shandong Zhongkang Economic and Trade Co., Ltd., and Li Sikui, chairman of Kangding Trading Co., Ltd. attended the meeting. This forum.


At the opening ceremony, Ms. Wu Xia, Chairman of Taiaitai Group, delivered a speech. Chairman Wu said: As Healthy China has risen to a national strategy, the health industry will usher in a golden opportunity for rapid development. Taiaitai inherits the spirit of "Life is endless, scientific research is not stopped", adheres to the integrity and innovation, and responds to the call of the country. Taiaitai will use its own biological enzymatic digestion technology, as well as the whole material chain capture technology and single substance. Chain grabbing technology, accurately extracting the effective ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines and peptidizing the Chinese herbal medicines, will help Chinese traditional medicine go to the world.

In order to realize our big dream of small molecule peptides, Taiaitai has a "high, precise and cutting-edge" R&D team, and conducts in-depth cooperation with many scientific research institutions, well-known hospitals, well-known universities, etc., to carry out R&D and trial data collection .

Leading the industry with science and technology, using the 1688 platform, Taiaitai will become the "world factory" of peptides in the future, empowering health. In the future, Taiaitai small molecule peptide products will fully cover our healthy life and let the people of the world enjoy health. !

Chairman Wu’s speech also indicated: In the era of great health, Taiaitai has developed into a dream of wealth creation, providing cooperative enterprises with all-round empowerment, providing nanny-style services, and tailoring exclusive product IP. For partners, Taiaitai is a research and development expert, and with our strong scientific research strength, it will become a strong backing for your development.

Chairman Wu’s wonderful speech won rounds of applause at the scene.


Taiaitai Group uses its scientific research skills to play an important role in the field of biological extraction, so that more people can benefit from it. It is the mission and responsibility of Taiaitai people. Since the launch of the National Peptide Science Public Welfare Action, fruitful results have been achieved, and it has also been highly praised by leaders at all levels.


Ms. Li Ping, Vice Chairman of China Health Care Association, delivered a speech

Taiaitai Group is fortunate to invite Ms. Li Ping, the vice chairman of China Health Care Association, to add luster to the forum. Chairman Li Ping affirmed and highly recognized the Tai aitai Group. It is hoped that the public welfare activity of "Peptide Science Popularization into the Community" of Taiaitai Group will benefit more people. After the wonderful speech of Chairman Li Ping, on behalf of the China Health Care Association, Taiaitai Group issued a reply letter and awarded a plaque to Taiaitai Group on agreeing to carry out the "National Healthy Lifestyle Action-Peptide Science Knowledge Entering the Community" Public Welfare Activity.


Taiaitai Award Ceremony

With the theme of co-construction, sharing, and national health, Taiaitai will actively promote a healthy lifestyle to help and empower a healthy China.

At the launching ceremony of the National Healthy Lifestyle Action—Peptide Science Popularization Knowledge Entered the Community Public Welfare Activities, Wu Xia, Chairman of Taiaitai Group, Li Ping, Vice Chairman of China Health Care Association, Founder of Dingli Consulting, and Founder of National Tsing Hua University Platform Guo Xinming, Chairman Tang Yi of Chongqing Anshangpin Material Technology Co., Ltd., Qiao Wei, Marketing President of Taiai tai Group, Yang Yanjun, Professor of Food College of Jiangnan University, Ph.D. tutor, and Dr. Ren Yandong, a double doctor of Chinese Medicine and Clinical Nutrition, jointly launched the assistance.

At the forum, authoritative experts in academia and corporate figures came to the stage and made wonderful sharing for everyone.

Professor Yang Yanjun, a professor from the School of Food Science and Technology of Jiangnan University and a Ph.D tutor, gave a wonderful topic sharing on the relationship between small molecule peptides and life sciences and human health.


Sharing by Yang Yanjun, Professor of the School of Food Science and Technology of Jiangnan University and a Ph.D tutor


Sharing by Dr. Ren Yandong, Double Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Clinical Nutrition

In the sharing, Dr. Ren said that in his eyes, Taiaitai is “wide and comprehensive”. Mr. Wu’s dedication to scientific research has laid a strong foundation for Taiaitai scientific research work. The strong scientific research strength is Taiaitai rapid development. Strong support for development. He also said that Chairman Wu Xia's research and development in the field of small molecules of traditional Chinese medicine is forward-looking.

Dr. Ren Yandong believes that the small-molecule peptide technology of herbal plants is a propellant for the modernization of Chinese medicine, which will help bring the Chinese medicine industry into line with international standards. Broad application prospects.

During the sharing, Dr. Ren also announced to everyone that the new product researched and developed in cooperation with Taiaitai is under research and development, and will make greater contributions to people in need in the society in the near future.


Qiao Wei, President of Taiaitai Marketing, shared

Qiao Wei, President of Taiaitai Marketing, analyzed the Group's 2021 strategic plan for everyone. Righteousness, mindfulness, and keeping the original intention, Taiaitai has mission and responsibility, and constantly seeks for development, and constantly presents a "new" Taiaitai to everyone, to give back to the society and contribute to the development of the peptide industry!


Guo Xinming, founder of Dingli Consulting and founder of National Tsing Hua University platform, shared

Dean Guo Xinming said in the sharing: Scientific background and corporate strength, Mr. Wu laid the scientific research foundation and corporate strength for Taiaitai.

As the second-generation inheritor, Chairman Wu Xia has given Taiaitai more vitality.

Dean Guo expressed his appreciation to Chairman Wu Xia. Chairman Wu Xia's positive energy, simple and enthusiastic character, super leadership and execution ability, and the craftsman spirit of pursuing the ultimate in products deeply infected him.

It is precisely because there are Lao Wu, the second-generation inheritor, Ms. Wu Xia, and an iron-blooded team brought out by Ms. Wu Xia, as well as a group of like-minded friends. It must be better to have the right time, place and place. A bright future, and call for working with Taiaitai to achieve co-creation, sharing and win-win!

Tang Yi, chairman of Chongqing Anshangpinwu Technology Co., Ltd., Song Xiaoling, chairman of Beijing Zhongshi Jingling Culture Media Co., Ltd., and He Dongliang, general manager of Chongqing Anshangpinwu Technology Co., Ltd. also made wonderful sharing.


So far, the 2nd China Small Molecule Peptide Industry Development Forum and the launching ceremony of peptide science knowledge in the community public welfare action came to a successful conclusion, and the wonderfulness of the 18th Health Industry Expo continues.


With the mission of benefiting human health and the vision of building a century-old world brand, Taiaitai Group will carry forward the Chinese peptide culture, so that people can drink peptides like milk and enjoy their health.

As a well-known enterprise in the peptide industry, Taiaitai Group has developed into a group company integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It is a technologically innovative enterprise in China's peptide industry and possesses a number of core technologies. Over the past 24 years, Taiaitai has focused on the entire industry chain service of small molecule peptides, and the market covers multiple business sectors such as special food, cosmetics, and international trade.


Taiaitai has been fully upgraded to a strategic, resource-based, and service-based supply chain comprehensive platform, providing comprehensive and in-depth services for the booming development of the industry, and providing suggestions and sparks of wisdom for the innovation and development of my country's big health industry in the new economic era.

Dreams and miracles coexist, wealth and opportunities coexist. Taiaitai Group is looking forward to working hand in hand with partners who share the same spirit. Harmony and symbiosis, mutual empowerment, build a big health industry peptide ecological development circle, and empower the development of China's big health industry!