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Taiaitai unveiled and contributed to the complete success of the 4th Bioactive Peptide Health Industry Forum

Publish date :2021.11.29

The most beautiful April day, in this warm spring, Taiaitai Group participated in and witnessed an industry event again! On April 18th, the "Fourth Bioactive Peptide Health Industry Forum-Product Innovation, Function Research and Production Application Key Technology Seminar" with the theme of "Bioactive Peptides-Life Commander, Health Source" was successfully concluded in Yichang.


Many industry leaders and experts gather in Shanghai: South China University of Technology, Beijing Technology and Business University, Jiangnan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Chongqing University, Bohai University, Peptide Polypeptide (Wuhan) Research Institute and other unit scientists, active peptide production front-line research and development technology, etc. Experts and representatives of hundreds of well-known enterprises also participated in this event. Ms. Wu Xia, Chairman of Taiaitai Group, Ren Yandong, Medical Consultant of Taiaitai Group, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Clinical Nutrition, and Sun Xuebing, Senior Engineer of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs, attended the forum and made important sharing on behalf of Taiaitai!


Ms. Wu Xia, Chairman of Taiaitai

Gathering wisdom for development, the experts and scholars of this forum shared and exchanged on major topics such as bioactive peptide product innovation, bioactive peptide function research and application, new bioactive peptide technology, new technology and new equipment.

The three-day conference is sponsored by the Chinese Food and Pharmaceutical Technology Cooperation Center, Beijing Kaisheng Chinese Food Management Consulting Center, and the Bioactive Peptide Health Industry Alliance (under preparation), and is titled and supported by Tai aitai Group. As a grand event in the bioactive peptide industry, this event has attracted widespread attention from the industry.


Ms. Wu Xia, Chairman of Taiaitai, made an opening speech

Ms. Wu Xia, Chairman of Taiaitai Group, was invited to give an opening speech for the conference. In her speech at the conference, Wu Xia said: As Healthy China has risen to a national strategy, the health industry is bound to usher in a golden opportunity for rapid development. Taiaitai has been focusing on technology research and development in the field of small molecule peptides for 24 years, and has now mastered a number of small molecule peptide core technologies. Especially in the extraction technology of small molecule peptides of Chinese herbal medicine, Tai aitai has made important breakthroughs and great progress, and the technology of Taiaitai has entered the advanced rank of Chinese herbal medicine extraction.

In the future, Taiaitai will continue to uphold the spirit of "life is endless, scientific research will not stop", adhere to the principle of innovation, and use its own biological enzymatic digestion technology to accurately extract the effective ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines and make the Chinese herbal medicines small molecules. Taiaitai We will use our own technology to help China's traditional Chinese medicine go global.

Taiaitai has a "high, precise and cutting-edge" R&D team, and conducts in-depth cooperation with many scientific research institutions, well-known hospitals, and well-known universities to carry out R&D and trial data collection.

Leading the industry with science and technology, using the 1688 platform, Taiaitai will become the "world factory" of peptides in the future, empowering health. In the future, Taiaitai small molecule peptide products will fully cover our healthy life and let the people of the world enjoy health. !

Chairman Wu’s speech also indicated: In the era of great health, Taiaitai has developed into a dream of wealth creation, providing cooperative enterprises with all-round empowerment, providing nanny-style services, and tailoring exclusive product IP. For partners, Taiaitai is a research and development expert, and with our strong scientific research strength, it will become a strong backing for your development.

Wu Xia's speech embodies the mind of an entrepreneur and the responsibility of a company with a sense of mission. Her enthusiasm and sonorous words have infected every guest attending the meeting.

Mr. Ren Yandong, medical consultant of Taiaitai group and double doctor of Chinese medicine and clinical nutrition, made "The scientific research process and future plan of the key technology of small molecules of Chinese herbal medicine by Taiai peptide" and "Chinese herbal medicine small molecule" at this conference. "The Significance and Future Development Prospects of Biochemistry" and other speeches, he learned from the core technologies of small molecule peptides mastered by Taiaitai, the application prospects of small molecule peptides from herbal plants, and the current key technology of small peptide peptides in herbal plants. The achievements made in the above and the future research and development planning in this field are explained.


Sharing by Ren Yandong, Medical Consultant of Taiaitai Group, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Clinical Nutrition

In the sharing, Dr. Ren talked about the research and development plan of Tai Ai Peptide in the development of Chinese medicine kiddies. He said: “First, we must make Chinese medicines with the same medicine and food into monomer plant peptides; second, make clinical Chinese medicines into monomers. Plant peptides, and intensified research and development in the formulation of mixed use."

In addition, Ren Yandong also mentioned: "The combination of basic scientific research and applied scientific research of Taiaitai is also a feature of ours. Taiaitai is used in animal peptides represented by sea cucumbers and oysters and Huang Cen as the representative. The mixed use of hundreds of plant peptides, using the principles of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, has greatly improved the research and development and practical application effects of plant peptides.

Dr. Ren Yandong believes that the small-molecule peptide technology of herbal plants is a propellant for the modernization of Chinese medicine, which will help bring the Chinese medicine industry into line with international standards. Broad application prospects.

Ren Yandong believes that the small molecule peptide technology of herbal plants is a propellant for realizing the modernization of Chinese medicine, which will help bring the Chinese medicine industry into line with international standards. Application prospects.

His speech aroused great interest among the participants.


Sun Xuebing, a distinguished R&D expert and senior engineer from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs, shared by Taiaitai

Sun Xuebing, a specially-appointed R&D expert and senior engineer of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs of Taiaitai, shared on the theme of "Development and Application of Bioactive Peptides" on the spot. They shared the three aspects of the introduction of Taiaitai Group, the development of biologically active peptides, and the application research of peptides.

In addition to the large amount of valuable sharing brought by Taiaitai Group, which gave the industry insiders a more thorough understanding of the future development of the peptide industry, other experts also shared through keynote speeches, such as Professor Zhao Mouming of South China University of Technology Key Technology and Industrial Application of Functional Peptide Preparation, Fan Ranran, Application Technology Engineer, Special Enzyme Division, Angel Yeast Co., Ltd., "Enzyme Preparations Help Peptide Product Quality Upgrade", Dai Jun, Researcher, State Key Laboratory of Food Science and Technology, Jiangnan University "Food-derived protein peptides' hypoglycemic activity and its detection technology", and Yin Lasheng, director of the Peptide Polypeptide (Wuhan) Research Institute, "Research on the Latest Functions of Collagen Polypeptides" and other technical wisdom sharing also received bursts of applause.


The climax of the "peptide" discussion in the venue was repeated, and the guests looking for "peptide" in front of the booth that loved Peptide outside the venue were even more admired. As soon as the booth of Taiaitai was unveiled, it attracted many people to stop and learn about cooperation. The scene is crowded and bustling!


Ms. Wu Xia, Chairman of Taiaitai, personally explained the technical advantages, product advantages, and business layout of Taiaitai at the booth of Taiaitai. After Chairman Wu’s explanation, everyone learned about Taiaitai. , And gave high recognition to Taiaitai Group, and reached cooperation intentions with many customers.

"The phoenix must come, the flowers, fragrance and butterflies will come". Before the start of the forum, the guests attending the conference had a discussion with Ms. Wu Xia, the chairman of Taiaitai, and took a group photo.

As a well-known company in the peptide industry, Taiaitai Group has developed into a group company integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It is a technologically innovative enterprise in China's peptide industry and possesses a number of core technologies. Over the past 24 years, Taiaitai has focused on the entire industry chain service of small molecule peptides, and the market covers multiple business sectors such as special food, cosmetics, and international trade.

With the mission of benefiting human health and the vision of building a century-old world brand, Taiaitai Group will carry forward the Chinese peptide culture, so that people can drink peptides like milk and enjoy their health.

New starting point, new journey, grasping opportunities in challenges. Taiaitai has been fully upgraded to a strategic, resource-based, and service-oriented supply chain comprehensive platform, providing comprehensive and in-depth services for the booming development of the industry, coexisting with the industry, and empowering each other, building a large health industry peptide ecological development circle, for Enabling the high-quality development of China's big health industry!