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Exhibited with strength and harvested | Taiaitai 2021 8th Global New E-commerce Expo successfully concluded

Publish date :2021.11.29

Channel changes, brand renewal! The 8th Global New E-commerce Expo 2021 came to an end in Hangzhou, the "E-commerce Capital". The three-day expo, with a total exhibition area of 60,000 square meters, 3,000 international standard booths, 20,000 MCN institutions, 120,000 professional visitors and purchasers participated. Taiaitai is an innovative company in the peptide industry and a well-known brand in the global small molecule peptide field. , This time I was invited to participate in the 8th Global New E-commerce Expo 2021 and shined brightly and returned with a rewarding experience!


The conference was held in Hangzhou International Expo Center, focusing on the themes of "new live broadcast", "new e-commerce", and "new business format" to create a grand event for the entire industry chain of e-commerce. Assisting enterprises to develop new e-commerce channel markets through online celebrity live broadcast, new retail, e-commerce, micro-commerce, social e-commerce, community group buying, community group buying, etc., and plan a healthy and healthy industry development fast lane for the entire industry, and for the e-commerce industry Standardization, continuity, and high-quality development are effectively empowered.


In this industry event where electronic merchants must punch in, Taiaitai Group takes full advantage of its position in the industry, with technological quality raw powder, powerful products-oyster peptide, cod collagen peptide, donkey-hide cod collagen peptide, etc.; there are also star products, daily peptides. Energy series: daily peptide energy collagen peptide, daily peptide energy-cod collagen peptide, daily peptide energy-yak bone peony complex peptide, daily peptide energy-yak bone peony complex peptide, daily peptide energy-bonito Natural, healthy and nutritional products such as elastin complex peptide, daily peptide energy-rose peony complex peptide, daily peptide energy-pueraria lobata corn complex peptide and other natural, healthy and nutritious products are coming.


With the rapid development of the e-commerce industry around the world, Taiaitai pays attention to its development in the development. This time, Taiaitai was highly affirmed and participated in the 8th (Hangzhou) Global New E-commerce Expo. At the CT011-1, Hall 1C of Tai aitai's booth, the crowd was surging, and the atmosphere was hot. Customers came to visit, understand, and negotiate cooperation in an endless stream. All the staff of Taiaitai show their intentions and professionalism to the fullest, penetrate every service detail, and fully interpret the spiritual outlook of the ingenious enterprise. It has left a deep impression on customers at home and abroad, and has been unanimously recognized and praised.

Mr. Wang, director of the new retail department of Taiaitai, accepted an interview with a TV reporter on the spot.


Mr. Wang replied in the interview: As a technology-based enterprise with 24 years of scientific research and more than 200 scientific research achievements, we, Taiaitai Group, have been constantly adapting to the opportunities and opportunities brought by Internet + in the era of rapid development of Internet + Challenges, comprehensive layout of new retail formats, comprehensive upgrades in product creation and services, not only launched a number of new products for young consumer groups, and made a lot of technological innovations in formulas and product packaging, but also for our partners and Customers provide one-stop business school training, market empowerment, drop shipping and other services.

This time, having the honor to participate in the Global New E-commerce Expo is our new starting point. We hope to use the power of new channels to meet more outstanding partners and friends in this event, and work together to win the field of small molecule peptides. Serve our users well; I also hope that through the new global e-commerce channels, everyone can truly understand and feel the brand charm of Taiai peptide products, and truly integrate small molecule peptides into families, so that more families can enjoy health.

President Wang's answer fully demonstrated the spirit of being a person who loves peptides too much. In the future, Taiaitai will continue to focus on research and development, make ingenious products, continue to provide consumers with more high-value health products and services in the peptide industry, give back to new and old customers, help the development of the industry, and bring health to more families.

Live up to expectations and return with fame. With its strong brand influence and comprehensive strength, it was awarded the honorary title of "2021 Top Ten Influential Brands in the Health Industry", which fully demonstrates the industry's high recognition and trust in the Taiaitai brand, and it is also a great incentive. It demonstrates the strong influence and appeal of the Taiaitai brand in the industry, as well as the majestic driving force for the sustainable development of the brand.


In the dividend of the "Internet +" era, Taiaitai keeps pace with the times and develops steadily and rapidly. It has an Internet + big health + new retail supply chain management platform integrating R & D, production, sales and service to provide customers with a full range of , Integrated, one-stop OEM processing. 

Taiaitai’s new retail business unit, relying on the Internet, uses advanced technology such as big data and artificial intelligence to upgrade and optimize the production, circulation and sales process of products, and provide support for micro-business, social platforms, online and offline, Tailor-made exclusive product IP for live broadcast and other platforms. Build a one-stop new retail channel, build a closed-loop sales private domain, and accelerate the private domain upgrade of retail formats.


Taiaitai continues to innovate and intensively work in the field of One health research and development, focusing on digital innovation and channel changes brought about by the dividend of China's new consumption window, and signing an SKA-level strategic cooperation with Alibaba. In Hangzhou, the capital of e-commerce, take advantage of Hangzhou's e-commerce advantages, leverage on Alibaba, and the fast track of the "Internet +" era to quickly expand and strengthen cross-border e-commerce business, and develop a global e-commerce market strategy Layout to achieve "brand going to sea". Let Chinese national brands go out of China and to the world! Benefit mankind!