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Live up to expectations and return with fame! Taiaitai won the honor of "2021 Top Ten Influential Brands in the Health Industry"

Publish date :2021.11.29

The most beautiful Beijing April day, tens of thousands of health industry colleagues gathered in the capital to participate in the annual health industry event, witnessing the vigorous development of the health industry in the new year!

With the successful conclusion of the 18th Health Industry Expo, Taiaitai shined in the 18th Health Industry Expo and gained a lot. At the same time, Taiaitai also won the 2021 18th Health Industry Development Forum. 2021 Top Ten Influential Brands in the Health Industry" Honorary Title!


It is reported that the 2021 18th Health Industry Development Forum specially invited a group of representative heavyweight entrepreneurs and cross-industry celebrities to present a feast of wisdom. As an influential brand and enterprise in the big health industry, Ms. Wu Xia, the chairman of Taiaitai, was invited to attend the forum and received high praise from people from all walks of life.


In the 18th Health Industry Development Forum in 2021, Taiaitai has lived up to expectations and returned with great reputation. Relying on its strong brand influence and comprehensive strength, it was awarded the honorary title of "2021 Top Ten Influential Brands in the Health Industry", which is well deserved. It fully demonstrates the industry's high recognition and trust in the Taiaitai brand, and it is also a great incentive. It demonstrates the strong influence and appeal of the Taiaitai brand in the industry, as well as the majestic driving force for the sustainable development of the brand. 

With the continuous upgrading of the national health strategy, the health industry has attracted much attention. This time, Taiaitai won not only an honor, but also a heavy social responsibility.


Chairman Wu said that in the new era of the upgrade of the big health industry, Taiaitai has always responded to national policies and followed the general trend. With the State Council’s Healthy China Initiative, Taiaitai actively responded and launched the “National Healthy Lifestyle Action-Peptide Science Popularization”. "Knowledge into the community" charity activity. Introduce peptide science knowledge into the community, popularize it among thousands of households, and bring health knowledge and warmth to people. 

As an innovative technology enterprise, Taiaitai Group has gathered domestic advanced scientific research forces and possesses a number of core technologies. The group has always taken "Let the common people drink peptides and have a good body" as the corporate mission, adhering to the spirit of "Life is endless, scientific research is not stopped". Focusing on the field of small molecule peptides for 24 years, Taiaitai has developed into a group company integrating R&D, production, sales and service. After continuous innovation and development, it has an advantage in the market of China's peptide technology products, and provides overall solutions such as original powder, OEM, and brand agency for the world. The market covers diversified business sectors such as special food, cosmetics, and international trade. Provide global solutions for raw powder, ODM, OEM, brand agency, etc. 

In the future, under the leadership of Chairman Wu Xia, in the development of the global health industry strategy, we will resolutely implement the national healthy China strategy and bravely take corporate responsibilities. Big health empowerment, help healthy China!