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Taiaitai and National Tsing Hua University jointly build a harmonious courtyard and seek rapid development together

Publish date :2021.11.29

In today's fierce market competition, there are both opportunities and challenges for the survival and development of enterprises. At the same time of development, Taiaitai Group pays attention to the cultivation of the comprehensive quality of the employees in the workplace, and regularly carries out corporate employee training activities to broaden the field of vision, strengthen the core competence of the team, and improve the professional quality of employees, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the company. 

The spring breeze in March is warm, and the mood is bright. Taiaitai welcomes a new day with laughter and thunderous applause. On March 18, 2021, Taiaitai Group launched a unique training event. Dean Guo Xinming shared that we felt a lot and benefited a lot.


Dean Guo Xinming shared on site

Taiaitai Group and Tsing Da Ding Li Yuan are in the same hospital. We eat, have fun, and work together in the warm courtyard of Taiaitai Group; we work together, work together, and share the same future in the big health industry. We breathe together and share fate.


Friends of Taiaitai Group who listened carefully

Dean Guo shared the content of "Starting from building a harmonious courtyard, learning to do sales, and guiding a better workplace life". The training took the form of interactive sharing and was carried out in a relaxed and lively atmosphere. Dean Guo used a passionate, funny and humorous explanation to educate and teach the case. Every employee listened attentively and took notes carefully. The atmosphere was warm and relaxed, and bursts of applause resounded throughout the venue. 

Dean Guo said: "From 1998 to the present, it has been 23 years. For 23 years, I have focused on one thing, which is to bring health to everyone." This is a career that Dean Guo is proud of and strives for. 

"All communication that does not result in a transaction is a hooligan", Dean Guo said: Our life is always in sales, and the final result of all communication must be a transaction. If you want to make a deal, you must understand the importance of six words: "communication, understanding, consensus, co-creation, sharing, and win-win".


Dean Guo said that whether it is in the workplace, in sales, or other work together, we must consider issues from the perspective of the other party. The core of establishing a relationship is moving again and again plus driving interest again and again. It is to touch the softest part of the other party with unexpected touches, to fully show oneself in front of the other party, to establish a good impression, and to win recognition, and finally to achieve a win-win situation.


The representative of sales elite of Taiaitai Group made a speech

Active interaction at the scene, sales elites of Taiaitai Group spoke enthusiastically. Dean Guo’s wonderful sharing, analyzed from a meticulous and novel perspective, taught everyone different sales skills from the in-depth explanation, and added new “positive energy” to the sales elites on the spot, which benefited all employees a lot.


Ms. Wu Xia, Chairman of Taiaitai Group, made a concluding speech

At the end of the event, Ms. Wu Xia, Chairman of Taiaitai, made a summary. Chairman Wu said, "Dean Guo shared a lot of surprises today, learned a lot, and has always been a role model for us to learn! On the way of struggling in the big health industry, for me and Taiaitai Group, Director Guo has given me a lot. Thank you for your help. There is a long way to go, and we are still walking together"! 

In addition to Dean Guo, Chairman Wu also empowered the employees. Chairman Wu said: “All of us who love peptides have a mission. The value shows, we not only have to shine in our own posts, we also have to contribute our own strength to China's health industry". 

After the training, the employees expressed that they have strengthened their sales skills through this sharing, and will integrate the knowledge learned in the training into actual work, and contribute to the company's sales work. I believe this training event is a valuable asset in our workplace. We firmly believe that we will put into work with a more pragmatic and enterprising attitude, and be more brilliant. 

People who love peptides concentrate and keep moving forward. Work together and contribute to the big health industry. Work hard for the health of the people!