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Taiaitai & The 18th Health Industry Expo & The 2nd China Small Molecule Peptide Industry Development Forum will be grandly opened soon

Publish date :2021.11.29

With the advancement of my country’s urbanization, industrialization and population aging, national health needs have increased significantly, and public health awareness has generally increased. A healthy lifestyle is changing people’s traditional life and behavior habits. Health and longevity have become the focus of general social concern. The needs of the people.

Taiaitai Group has been focusing on the field of small molecule peptide research for 24 years. "Let the common people drink peptides and have a good body" has always been our corporate mission. We are determined to move forward.

Focusing on the current and future concerns of the big health industry, the "2021 Health Industry Spring Expo" (18th) will be held in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center on April 8. The exhibition will last for two days: April From the 8th to the April 9th, Taiaitai Group has two exhibition areas, T1 and T16. Taiaitai will present the 18th Health Industry Expo with new research and development, new technology and new products. Welcome everyone to come!


At that time, the 2nd China Small Molecule Peptide Industry Development Forum of Taiaitai Group-and the peptide science report meeting will be held in the afternoon of April 8. Specially invite big health industry experts, authoritative academic experts, well-known entrepreneurs and university doctors to participate in the forum to share and discuss the development of the small molecule peptide industry. Ms. Wu Xia, chairman of Taiaitai Group, will witness the small molecule peptide industry together with the guests present. The development achievements of molecular peptides, discuss new challenges for industry development, and share new opportunities for industry development.


Established in 1997, Taiaitai Group is a group company integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It is a technologically innovative enterprise in China's peptide industry and a comprehensive service provider for the global peptide industry. Taiaitai has an international R&D team. The group now has a number of national patents, more than 200 scientific research achievements, and more than 50 independent products. Provide global solutions for raw powder, OEM, brand agency, etc., and is a global high-level partner of Alibaba's peptide industry.


For 24 years, Taiaitai has focused on the whole industry chain service of small molecule peptides, and the market covers multiple business sectors such as general health, special diet, cosmetics, and international trade. We advocate peptide supplementation for the whole people, and have always been committed to the development of the human health industry, with the mission of benefiting human health, creating a century-old health brand and helping healthy China!


Taiaitai focuses on the research in the field of small molecule peptides, and looks forward to our win-win cooperation, and jointly promote the innovation and development of the peptide industry, and contribute to a healthy China! The 18th Health Industry Expo 2021 is looking forward to your visit!