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Good news! The Appointment Ceremony of Professor Zhang Li, Honorary Dean of Taiaitai Research Institute, was a complete success

Publish date :2021.10.22

On August 12, 2021, the appointment ceremony of Prof. Zhang Li and Taiaitai Group was successfully held at the headquarters of Taiaitai Group. Taiaitai Group officially appointed Professor Zhang Li as the Honorary Dean of Taiaitai Scientific Research Institute. 

At the appointment ceremony, Ms. Wu Xia, Chairman of Taiaitai, and Professor Zhang Li conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges on Taiaitai's technology research and development in the future, positioning planning, and the importance of peptides.


Chairman Wu said: I am excited and sincere to be able to cooperate with Professor Zhang Li this time. I hope that Professor Zhang will join us. Taiaitai is like a force in the field of peptide research. Supported by scientific research strength, we are righteous and mindful. Do a good job in products and services. I also hope that everyone in Taiaitai can learn more about peptide knowledge under the guidance of Professor Zhang, so that more people can benefit from the knowledge of popular peptides. 

It is reported that Professor Zhang Li is a doctor of medicine, a researcher at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, a professor, a well-known life and health scholar, and an expert in Chinese medicine. Born in a medical family, he studied under many masters of traditional Chinese medicine and famous old Chinese doctors. Engaged in integrated Chinese and Western medicine and biomedicine research, teaching and clinical work for more than 30 years, with a deep theoretical foundation and rich practical experience, was invited to many countries for lectures and exchanges, and has been disseminated in various media health columns for more than ten years Knowledge of medicine, health culture and peptides is known as the "health ambassador".


Professor Zhang said: "I became attached to peptides in 2000. Mr. Wu's innovative spirit and benevolence focused on peptide research have made me sincerely admire and respect. 

Today, I have also become a member of Taiaitai’s family, and I hope that my arrival will make Taiaitai more brilliant and shining. 

Physical health is the foundation of the foundation. All people pay attention to healthy China, healthy cities, healthy enterprises, healthy families, and healthy everyone. Under the wave of healthy China, we have caught up with the fast train of healthy economy. In the years to come, we will not only To make food-derived peptides well, we must also make drug-derived peptides well. Peptidization of small molecules of traditional Chinese medicine is a booster for China's traditional Chinese medicine to go global. 

Just like what Wu Qinglin and Wu Lao expected, "make people healthy and healthy for more than 20 years." This is the heart of great love, and it is also the original intention of each of us. We are doing well in peptide science, peptide culture, and peptide technology righteously. , Peptide science, spread this peptide culture and knowledge, we study peptide technology, let it make greater contributions to society in the age of health, and help healthy China 2030! 

Taiaitai is now a well-known company, brand, its practical value, and its leading role in this field, are impeccable, we must inherit our Taiaitai founder has established for us Good original intentions and ideas, plant these precious spiritual and material wealth seeds in your heart, take root, germinate, blossom, and bear fruit. " 

Professor Zhang Li’s impassioned speech won enthusiastic applause. The successful appointment ceremony with Professor Zhang Li is the performance of Professor Zhang Li’s recognition and support of Taiaitai, as well as another testimony of Taiaitai Group’s emphasis on high-end talents.


Ms. Wu Xia, Chairman of Taiaitai, signed a contract with Professor Zhang Li on the spot


Congratulations to Professor Zhang Li for officially signing the contract with Taiaitai and becoming the Honorary Dean of Taiaitai Research Institute

Before the appointment ceremony, accompanied by Ms. Wu Xia, Chairman of Taiaitai, visited the office environment of the group and the exhibition hall of Taiaitai Biotechnology.


During the visit, Chairman Wu Xia gave a detailed introduction to Professor Zhang on the general situation, production technology, technical advantages, production capacity, cooperative enterprises, and future development strategies of the Group. 

Chairman Wu said that in the research field of small molecule peptides, we have always adhered to righteous mind and righteous thoughts and kept our original intentions. Our goal is to "enable people to drink peptides and have a good body." So while focusing on scientific research and focusing on product quality, we also have the idea of parity, so that people at different stages and levels of consumption can have it. Suitable for your own peptide products.


Chairman Wu's remarks deeply moved Professor Zhang. Professor Zhang said to Chairman Wu: "The shadow of Mr. Wu on you is still very heavy."


In the era of great health, in the field of small molecule peptides, not only Chairman Wu Xia has the shadow of Mr. Wu, all of us who love peptides also inherit the spirit of Mr. Wu under the leadership of Chairman Wu Xia. Our original intention No change, the determination to improve the health of the people has never wavered. 

Taiaitai will continue to move forward steadily, paving the way to health with great love, and effectively assisting the national strategy of "Healthy China 2030" with practical actions!